First things first: QooApp is up to date with the last apk file. The new code for 200 free crystals is TOWE ROFF ROZW AVES. Expire date: September 11, 2015.

What is new?
– Special Episode 2 with mini missions
– New cookie and pet
– New Fortune Cookie System
– New treasures including evolution forms for old treasures.


Special Episode 2

Warning for huge images because I didn’t edit the screenshots.


At Level 9:  400% Exp Bonus and 10% Coin Bonus only in Special Episode 2.

At Level 9: 400% Exp Bonus and 10% Coin Bonus only inside Special Episode 2.




The Tower of Frozen Waves is made of 50 mini stages. They told us to wait for more to come. Each stage has 3 mini missions that award one blue star each. With 150 stars you get a new treasure (last picture). Strobilanthes oliganthus that rescue/revives you with 66 Energy once plus 5% Experience Bonus. Probably more when upgraded but it’s not visible on the Treasure Book.

se2schuuJust a piece of advice: save your keys when you’re about to get this update on Line. Kakao players would need 150 keys if they don’t fail any mission. Of course, most of them (including me) wasn’t prepared. Mission list for the first 14 floors on the right (click to enlarge). Some missions have a “tolerance” for skipping collecting items, but a few are really tough and you can’t skip any jelly. Make use of treasures that produce jellies, save you from colliding, increase speed or duration of ‘parties’ and stuff. Be creative with those treasures you thought you would never use.

At the fourth screenshot, you can see the icon of a Fortune Cookie with the number ‘5’ right beside the Inbox icon, click there to go to your “tray” and oven.


Fortune Cookies

Personally I think this is so messed up… Because the main plot of this game is about cookies running away from the oven of a witch. Now you’re cooking them?!? Just because they’re different?? This seems like genocide or cannibalism to me… Anyway.


There are four types of Fortune Cookies: Brown, Silver, Gold and Rainbow. After you get one by succeeding a mission, you need to bake it on the oven to be able to open it and get a random prize from the list on the right. You can buy two more ovens using coins and the time needed for each type of cookie is 30min, 6h, 24h and 72h respectively. Possible prizes:

Brown: Crystals (1 – 5); Coins (1,000 – 10,000); 1 Supreme Ticket; 1 Golden Ticket; Treasure Slots (3 – 5); 1 S-ingredient; Keys (3 – 5); Boost Sets (1 – 3); Gift Points (100 – 300); Lives (5 – 20) or Fortune Cookies (brown or silver).
Silver: Crystals (3 – 15); Coins (3,000 – 20,000); 1 S-Treasure; 1 Supreme Ticket; Treasure Slots (3 – 10); 1 SS-ingredient; Magic Powder (400 – 3,000); Keys (3 – 10); 1 Elixir (M or G); Boost Sets (1 – 5); Gift Points (200 – 500); Lives (10 – 30) or Fortune Cookies (brown, silver or gold).
Gold: Crystals (5 – 30); Coins (5,000 – 30,000); S-Treasure (1 – 3); 1 Supreme Ticket; Treasure Slots (3 – 10); 1 SS-ingredient; 1 S-ingredient; Magic Powder (500 – 5,000); Keys (5 – 15); 1 Elixir (G or L); Boost Sets (3 – 7); Gift Points (300 – 800); Lives (20 – 50) or Fortune Cookies (all possible).
Rainbow: Crystals (10 – 100); Coins (10,000 – 50,000); S-Treasure (1 – 7); 1 Supreme Ticket; Treasure Slots (3 – 15); 1 SS-ingredient; Magic Powder (2,000 – 8,000); Keys (10 – 20); 1 Elixir (G til XL); Gift Points (500 – 1,000) or Fortune Cookies (all possible).


August Treasures

20471,000 extra points for Jellies while on your Ride
Revives with 50 Energy (Lv.1 status)
Obtained at the Squirrel Shop Event


20463,400 extra points while on the Surfboard
10% more healing from potions (Lv.1 status)
Obtained at the Squirrel Shop Event


125% of chance to get 200 Magic Powder on the first login of the day (Lv.1 status)
Obtained at the Squirrel Shop Event


230% of chance to get 190 Gift Points on the first login of the day (Lv.1 status)
6th Commemoration Frame Reward given to everyone


2048400% Exp Bonus inside Special Episode 2
10% Coin Bonus inside Special Episode 2
Obtained collecting jewels from SE2 (like the Compass in SE1)


4Rescues/ Revives with 66 Energy once (Lv.1 status)
5% extra XP
Reward for collection 150 starts on SE2


20455% chance of a Coin Flower appearing
Revives twice with 30 Energy
Prize from two missions on Special Episode 2


33 coins for every destroyed obstacle (Lv.1 status)
Rescues once from a hole
Reward from the third mission of Stage 40 at SE2


51,000 extra points for Jellies while on your Ride
Peppermint Candy Cookie’s treasure


65,000 extra points for Sea Bubbles
Paper Ship Pet’s treasure


Other new forms of cookies and pet’s treasures after evolution, usually with increased points:

Cherry Blossom's treasure is that power type suitcase, remember? That's why there's no evo.

Cherry Blossom’s treasure is that power type suitcase, remember? That’s why there’s no evo.


Peppermint Candy Cookie & Paper Ship




When the bar above his head fills up, he rides on a giant whale. The ‘jump’ and ‘slide’ buttons turn into dolphins and you must press it repeatedly to summon the dolphins that will collect the bubbles and destroy whatever is ahead.

There’s not much to say about him (I thought he was a girl). His body is similar to Snow Sugar or Blackberry Cookie in movement. You have the feel it’s not that fast. And he ‘rides’ a whale, so it must count as a ride and you can use saddles. Magnetic aura is not mandatory and he scores just fine for me. I don’t know if more than Lemon Cookie though. I think people haven’t found the right combi yet. His pet makes Sea Bubbles in regular intervals. When together you get extra points for all jellies. Now for the treasures: 5,000 extra points for Sea Bubbles (pet) and 1,000 extra points for jellies during a ride (cookie) when maxed.

Time for the deep meaning behind… When people speculate about the inspiration Devsisters had. I think Peppermint Candy was based on a 1999 movie with the same name. You can see the same look in the eyes. I think Peppermint is really depressed. And the pet and concept was a tribute to the victims of the sinking of MV Sewol on April 2014.


'Mint Candy Cookie' by artist ハイン/hayen. Twitter @hayen0609

‘Mint Candy Cookie’ by artist ハイン/hayen. Twitter @hayen0609

It was a great update. I don’t really like Lime Cookie (don’t ask me why) and Peppermint arrived at the right time. His skill animation in progress is beautiful and he’s very easy to play with. The fortune cookies are not a big deal. There’s a lot of possible prizes and you’re likely to get something unwanted. Devsisters looks like they’ve read my mind when I said that Cookie Run has very few ‘phases’. Special Episode II solved not only that issue but the long time needed for every run that was making Cookie Run less of a “casual game”. I’ve also noticed a certain pattern when making new treasures in the past few updates. I think they’re trying to make the treasure choice more “eclectic” by mixing energy drain, revive ability, speed, extra points and effects (giant mode, blasts, ride, etc.) to give life to new possibilities, aka new combinations. Let’s see if more of them make into the rank in the future.


Drunk Arma by Schuu :D

Drunk Arma by myself xDD

Hey guys! How are you doing? What are you thoughts now that Wooparoo Saga for Line is finally out? Since the Line launch version is set in the very beginning of the app history, players are somehow faded to boredom and some are craving for more. Therefore, they’re trying WS for Kakao. It feels like a déjà vu…

In this article I’ll highlight the most basic differences between the apps and I’ll spoil what’s about to come from where I left in the previous topic. That would be the Rune System, Raids, Special Skills, Ultimate Upgrade and tips on the best wooparoos out there.


WS-Line x WS-Kakao


tablePlease, click on this chart on the right to enlarge it. It doesn’t fit the layout =_=’ —–>

The main difference between the two of them is that WS for Kakao is one year older. That sounds weird at first, but you must understand that at this rate, the game engines has evolved a lot with updates and additions to keep players interested and at the same time they must make things easier so new players can catch up with older players.

Can you see how Mint looks much younger than Raina on the app icon? Mint is wearing green hair, she’s that rebel against the world, still full of dreams. Raina in the other hand is experienced. She knows about the cruel reality out there. She’s older and now she wears heavy makeup. A bow? That’s so passé… No, she caries a badass cannon starving for revenge… Ok, I’ll stop.

The Friendship Scroll from daily quests in the yellow version (Pokémon?) it’s a B card instead. If you read my chart, that’s basically a Premium Scroll for free everyday. Items stocked inbox because of full storage lasts one month and not one week. Friend Points are not limited to 120. Speed boost costs only 150 mana orbs in the green version. Stones are not needed to evolve (Emerald, Opal, Topaz, Sapphire). God’s Gift resets in6 2h, not 8h and with better prizes. They have an Event that gives tickets alternatively between double exp and double prizes from battles (you would get two corn cobs for battle, for example) the whole day. At Line you get a Premium Scroll for logging in daily during a month (that famous calendar prize chart used in most game apps to keep people’s fidelity), at Kakao you not only get a 8-star wooparoo plus a 9-star during a month, but also you can choose the wooparoo from a small list. You get another 9-star the same way for inviting friends (plus crystals).

In WS-K, one 8-star and one 9-star wooparoo to choose from 8 options.

In WS-K, one 8-star and one 9-star wooparoo to choose from 8 options.

Invite Event and the pick up options.

Invite Event and the pick up options.

In World 10, I get 1,300 Experience Points on a stage in hard mode, much less than 2,704 I get in World 5 at Line. But to upgrade to level 41 at Line, you need 1,198,500 Exp. While at Kakao you need much less to reach level 80: 456,412 Exp. That means it’s easier to reach level 80 in Kakao than level 41 at Line. Not to mention the double Exp. (2,600 exp) tickets and an awesome Arena I’ll talk about later that gives a lot of experience that would make the discrepancy even bigger. Less important, the UI is much better.



Runes are available at level 30. Each wooparoo can equip up to 6 runes. They’re not “consumable” items. That means you can equip and unequip them any time you want, you won’t loose the rune and you can use it in other wooparoo if you want. The wooparoo must be 7-star at least (2 slots available) and it increases one slot every five levels from there (6 slots at a 10-star wooparoo level 55). They’re obtained by collecting gifts dropped on battle (just like the stones), but you need to collect an amount of pieces like 15/15 in order to forge the rune. It’s free from charges. Finally, you can also collect pieces of wooparoos to create them. It’s not that great or relevant, but it’s there anyway.

There are red, blue and golden runes. You cannot use a red rune in a blue slot, etc. They’re still divided in I to IV. They can increase defense, attack, life, give resistance to some element, evasion, health absorption (in case of the Eye wooparoo), speed and even add ability to block air units. Most players prefer life, defense and attack runes. And of course, the better the rune, the harder to get. Types III and IV are only obtained by gem-purchase (similar to scrolls). None the less, a bright border line means the rune is rare.

The total defense is 245 in which 5 are due to the rune. The total is not 250 as it suggests.

The total defense is 245 in which 5 are due to the rune. The total is not 250 as it suggests.


Event Stages and Raids

1. Infinite Arena: you already know how it works. You shouldn’t worry about this one because Koreans are really in a whole new level in Wooparoo Saga. Unless you have a very powerful team, you don’t stand a chance to get a good reward.

2. Warfare: not as fun as it sounds except fighting over the clouds. You depend on luck since four wooparoo slots will be sorted by random and placing them according “strategy”… Nah, just forget it.

3. Real-time PVP: since it’s a real-time battle, you need to wait until other player appears and… guess what? No one shows up. Usually. If you get lucky (more like unlucky), someone will appear and you two will battle in the Assault Mode. The entry fee is 3,000 mana orbs and the prizes are not worth playing it over and over to get a good position. Overrated.

4. Hell-Infinite: this is THE EVENT. Don’t miss playing it daily because you can only enter five times a day. The entry price is only one Energy Orb. There’re three difficult ranges in which you must be level 40, 60 and 80 respectively to enter. The battle is divided in 10 acts of a set of fixed wooparoos. It’s like 10 regular stages. At the last act there’s a boss. You gain a prize at the end of each act and if you make it to the end, you gain 6,500 Exp (13,000 with ticket) and a good prize, usually a dumpling worth 35,000 w-exp.

I’m sorry to say, but only #4 is worth it.


There are two raids to choose from: Stone Tiger and The Frozen Death.

There are two raids to choose from: Stone Tiger and The Frozen Death.

10Name: Stone Tiger
Attribute: water
Level: 1
HP: 5008576 (1 unit)
Friends to go with: 1 person

Entry Level: above Lv. 20
Time remaining: 1h16m
Total number of challenges: 2

Entry: 20,000 Mana Orbs or 4 Energy Orbs
Guitar Picks: 1

Tip: He has a Scorpion-Pudge-hook-skill-alike which will drag the further unit (targets like Inque) with his drill. I recommend to release the tankers last in this case and keep a 1-star wp on the team just to be the target of this ability. It helps. Also, don’t forget you can go with one friend. You’ll lend the wooparoo team from your friend and they’ll be released in the previous order your friend used. If you have pro players in your friend’s list, you don’t have to worry about anything.

11Name: The Frozen Death
Attribute: water
Level: 1
HP: 6750639 (1 unit)
Friends to go with: 2 people

Entry Level: above Lv. 20
Time remaining: 4h22m
Total number of challenges: 0

Entry: 30,000 Mana Orbs or 6 Energy Orbs
Guitar Picks: 3

Tip: this guy is tough. You better have a friend level 100 or higher and with a good squad. You’ll have to endure til the end. And I don’t want to give spoilers and ruin the amazing experience that is to battle with him for the first time… Let’s just say that before you’re dealing with a tiger. Now you’re facing death itself. Expect more…

After all, what are the prizes of Raids? The answer leads to the next topic.


Special Skills

While Event Stages give good Experience and food, Raids awards green stones. Its name is not mention anywhere, so I prefer to call them Green Guitar Picks. You must offer 15 of these and 10 gems in the Altar of God in order to get your wooparoo a special ability.
Though some specific low rank wooparoos can learn these skills, I recommend teaching only 10-star wooparoos that will stick with you for a while. There’re 6 possible results:
God’s Wreath: strikes a thunder stunning a unit for 2s and causing damage.

God’s Care: heals 10,000 HP at once (self use).

God’s Purification: keep clean of debuffs for 4s (self use).

God’s Barrier: builds up a barrier in the battlefield similar to Ully’s Lv.7 when he dies.

God’s Protection: raises 300 Def for 10s (self use). People usually use it on tankers.

God’s Meteor Shower: summon meteors that damage up to 5 units. People usually use this one for the rest of the team.

Don’t think it’ll be easy to get Meteor Shower for everyone. I got it only once and it was on a tanker during a dozen of attempts. You can “unlearn” it with no additional cost. Price to upgrade rises until the skill is maxed to level 5. To use the skill on battle, you must wait the green bar above the wooparoo to fill and just tap the wooparoo after that. When auto mode is on, they’re used automatically (duh).

A red bar descending means the skill is in use.

A red bar descending means the skill is in use.

Runes and special skills change the wooparoo type icon. It’s quite simple but it might be confusing for people not used to it. So I decided to show you them here:

20Normal icons.

21Equipped with at least a rune.

20It has a special skill.


23It has a special skill and it’s equipped with at least a rune.


Ultimate Upgrade

If you ever get the chance to put your hands in a God/ Divinity rank wooparoo, you’ll notice that after you reach Lv. 60, it doesn’t change to the word “Max” as it usually would. But you won’t be able to feed your wooparoo either. That’s because you can perform a last upgrade that requires a quite expensive item: another God wooparoo with the same name. Once succeeded, your wooparoo will be level 62. You can perform the same process more four times until level 70. Insane, isn’t it?
Ten levels seems a small gap and not much of a difference, but I guess it was introduced this way (as well as God being depicted as ✷1 and not ★11) to do not discourage new players that could feel way behind. But in fact it’s a huge difference. Death9 for example (the 9 tails fox like wooparoo) almost double her attack at Lv. 70 compared to Lv. 60. She goes from 21,250 to 41,490 of attack.

There’s still stuff to talk about, but as aways, I end up writing a lot and the post gets too big. Maybe, just maybe, I might do a part III telling about the best wooparoos at Kakao. I have no clue about the best team at Line. Funny thing is that 꼬꼬 and 영원토록forev are top players at Kakao as well. Thanks for staying with me til here. I’ll see you in the next post!

As most of you might already know, Line is bringing a new game to be released soon and it’s my job to test it beforehand and tell you what’s good, what’s hot and what not to do when the app come out. Here we go!

If you haven’t heard of this app yet, make sure to pre-register for some freebies and also to view the large official page for more information before reading this article. Link here.

What is it about?

Wooparoo Saga was released in 2014 in South Korea and it’s a social game app in the most Line Rangers style. You simply unleash your hordes over the enemy’s tower and hope it remains still and get to the other side alive. Who has never played something like that before? What is it that makes Wooparoo Saga special then? Unfortunately, nothing. I didn’t see anything unusual. The same engine. The same monsters: cute characters, dragons (a skull dragon of course), a monster based on anglerfishes because they look cool and so on for other cool animals and mythology creatures. I wish they did a ‘reverse’ evolve form like Frieza from DBZ or Mew and Mewtwo and I wish they did some original stuff from sketch I have never seen. They didn’t. The old Dota’s tower defense battles were much fun. And lucky of those who got the reference.

‘Why should I play WS then?’ you ask. You shouldn’t. You should be studying, working harder, having real social activities, but yet we are here, right?

Game aspects – tips and tricks

Do you mind if I redirect you to a very well made guide page as homework before breaking through my stuff here? Please visit: http://wooparoosagaguide.weebly.com/ and then come back. Some of the tabs are blank and the author have covered some wooparoos until rank 9, therefore useful for early game only, but he did an amazing really good work in my opinion.

While in Cookie Run it’s not rare to see good players with higher score over other players equipped with shiny treasures, in Wooparoo Saga the same won’t happen. The game is pretty much about the size of your wagon than actual strategy; in contrast with a game of Chess, for example, where both players have the same weapons. In other words, non-skilled players who can spend money will $ove thi$ game.

You just need to pay a little attention to balance your team. You will want to have a healer, a tanker, a long distance attack unit and a damage dealer. It’s wise to use hand of buffs, debuffs while keeping an eye on special skills and you must have ground units and flying units or units that can block flying units. Send slow units and the tanker first and fast pace units later. It seems a lot, but it’s really simple. Most of the time you’ll play in automode. It means you won’t do anything. Just watch. Don’t believe me, just watch ♪ Doh doh doh, doh doh doh ♫

Despite the low speed, the two tankers are ahead because they were sent first.

Despite the low speed, the two tankers are ahead because they were sent first.

Example of a well balanced team. Winner of an event challenge.

Example of a well balanced team. Winner of an event challenge.

WS has 10 worlds, 60 stages each. The 60th stage is the boss battle to proceed to the next world. Some stages in between have big wooparoos icons. It means you’ll get that wooparoo at the end if you succeed. To succeed and unlock the next stage you need to beat it once in Easy mode. If you want, you can go again for Normal and Hard mode that will give you two more useless stars. The difference in experience and currency earned is very small. I recommend advancing to the next world as soon as you can to earn really better prizes.
I’ve played WS for a week and I’m currently in the 9th world as you can see because I’m a hardcore player (and you wondering where I’ve been). Don’t expect to reach so far in the first week on Line. Or maybe you can. I hope this post can help you *-*

I agree with the guide’s author. The 7th world is where the sharks begin. Until there, you won’t have problems. Maybe in one stage or another you will waste a little time, but nothing to worry about. Some tip: since the prizes change between worlds and given that you are stuck in one stage, choose another stage you feel comfortable on beating in hard mode at the same world and spend your lives there. For me, that would be the second stage of World 7 and the first stage of World 9. After you step your game up to pass through World 7, the next world is a piece of cake. Just make sure to use long range units on the boss of World 8. As for World 9, things gets a lil cray with maxed wooparoos ranked 9 and full slots.

Stage 2 of World 9 wooparoos on the right.

Stage 2 of World 9 wooparoos on the right.


More tips and tricks

As usual, I’m running out of lines. I should have split in part I and II maybe? So I’ll make it in the form of short notes now on. Take a look!

1. Differently from Cookie Run where you can get as many hearts as you want, in Wooparoo Saga you can send only 10 lives per day to your friends. It’s really frustrating waiting ten minutes to make a battle that sometimes lasts 15 seconds. So instead of adding thousands of friends, it’s wise to have faithful friends that will return your lives. Specially for sharing the three daily crystals that work the same way. Another important thing is that by inviting non-players (like the Invite button on CR) you can get a few crystals randomly, so take that in mind.

2. Raising your wooparoo: keep maxing and fusing low grade rare wooparoos (that ones with the small diamond on the lower left corner that you can get on card draw) to get a higher grade rare one. That’s the question the guide’s blog author didn’t know and now I’m telling you. In late game, runes and rareness are going to make the top rank (something like the blessed treasures in CR). If you get a lame wooparoo, don’t worry, just deal with it. The wooparoo you get will only really matter when it be rank 10 or “divine”, the last form nowadays (the ones with blue background).

How to evolve: same wooparoos will lead to the next evolve form. Random will lead to random.

How to evolve: same wooparoos will lead to the next evolve form. Random will lead to random.

3. Needless to say but, take care with those traps to waste gems on nothing. Don’t pay to turn the result of a battle and don’t waste your crystals to get the 10 gems! It’s a trap! You’ll notice most always you’ll get the worst prize. It’s built on the rates of the game. It’s normal, don’t be fooled.
This most likely will never happen: get the 10 gems.

This most likely will never happen: get the 10 gems.

4. Save your “Mana balls” (the currency of the game) by gathering 10 meals before feeding your wooparoo or feed right before it level up. Also keep the cakes that give more experience to use in higher levels because the higher the level, the pricier it will be to feed the wooparoo.


Pardon my harsh way on criticizing the game overall. Perhaps the recent bad function of Cookie Run set my mood. I didn’t even talk about runes, battle mode, raids, exclusive wooparoos coming to Line… Maybe in another chance. Now is time to reveal the origins of some wooparoos:

The aloe vera plant selection is an internal joke, but this wooparoo reminds me a lost angel of Evangelion.

The aloe vera plant selection is an internal joke, but this wooparoo reminds me a lost angel of Evangelion.

Half wooparoos reminds me of digimons somehow.

Half wooparoos reminds me of digimons somehow.


Howl's Moving Castle.

Howl’s Moving Castle.

This is my masterpiece. I hope Exo fans don't kill me.

This is my masterpiece. I hope Exo fans don’t kill me.

prophAs you know, a new season is about to strike Cookie Run this Friday. And before you bit all your fingernails let Prophet Cookie lighten up your mind a little bit and guess what’s going to happen in a short future. Much has been speculated and my job here is speculate a little more. So I create this “IF” series. I hope it can distract you while on the wait.

If the new design of episodes arrive, the first reaction you’ll have is “Damn… no”. Everything will look out of place and messy. I know they’ve changed to make things more fun. But in fact they’ve removed what I like to call “I hope it doesn’t hit” parts and made new ones. The episodes got easier. Specially Pirate’s Island of Coins. You will get 6,000 coins before the famous “wall”. No more extremely difficult jumps and timing. The last stages on episode 1 got a little “busier”. Before the two blast jellies, you’ll have to pay some attention not to fall. You’ll know when you get there. Somethings are learned the hard way. Episode 2 remains almost the same, except it got easier on the jumping fish part in my opinion (thank you Devsisters). Same for episode 3 with no big differences. Except for the star-jelly-parties part with obstacles passing over your head where you need to perform repeatedly jumps after that. We both know that if you hit on that part, your cookie will get slow and you’ll rather fall or hit again. They changed it and made it worse. So the next week they’ve changed it again. This time making an ‘descending letter’ that you must have seen on xBigx videos (I know you). Much easier now. Problem solved (thanks again Devsis). As to episode 4, it hasn’t get into Line yet but has already been redesigned and I must say: I liked the old version more. They mainly changed the first stages. Some stupid rocks. They put a blast jelly at the beginning that will make you skip some jellies if you don’t have special aura for the crescent moon jellies. Dislike. Overall, you’ll get the same humdrum feeling at the end. Come on. We have five episodes? Super Mario Bros 3 had about 90 levels.

ricecookieIf they release ‘Monk’ Cookie, nothing will change. It’s most unlikely to happen, but since I heard he’s on the app files, I’ll talk a little about him. First, you know I’m very picky with names and stuff… He’s not a monk. People google translated his name and got “volunteer” then decided to call him Monk. One day I might talk about this because most people don’t really care…
During episodes you have a path to follow. You can’t stay up in the air or you’ll hit. If you jump a lot (like when using Ninja cookie), Rice cookie (let’s just call him like this for now, okay?) will disappear and when you hit the slide button, who knows where he will land?! Another disadvantage is that if you decide to run normally following the jellies, most likely you’ll hit some obstacle on the ground when you tap the slide button due to his teleport skill. You’ll see. Lastly, a third and most important feature that most CR sites don’t mention is that Rice cookie revives after his death just like Pirate cookie. Pass through obstacles and don’t get energy potions. Even though, even though he has 180 points of life (useful in special episode if you don’t have Tiger Lilly), people prefer Pirate cookie over him because running with Rice in one word is: annoying. His pet is good for collecting jellies for challenges tho.

pet60If Bubblegum Cookie is released, forget about him. His score ability is insane, but again, you can’t keep jumping as much as you want to charge the 20 shots and you can’t slide all the way to make a combo and use his full potential. That’s why you have Mini Jackson 2 on the side. This one you need to pay attention. He’s the best pet out there in my opinion. He shots tons of jellies while destroying obstacles, the cooldown time is very short, on top of that you recover some energy when his ability is triggered. Cherry Blossom plus him is a deadly combination.
Just for the trivia, people wonder where the heck they came with this name and some believe it’s in honor of Jackson Pollock, the expressionist painter. I’m sorry, it’s not the gorgeous Jackson from GOT7.

cbschuuIf Cherry Blossom come out, I won’t even bother to struggle on episode 4 to get those jewels to unlock Moonlight, just saying.
As you know, Cherry Blossom was on the banner for the pre-registration (a little down below). I think it would be a huge mistake to unleash her power now. It would be like burying Moonlight before she was even available. The wise chronological order to launch things would be just Moonlight for now, Bubblegum next, so people could have fun with him on episode 1 and Cherry Blossom for the last.

If the new combination’s bonus be available, two new combi’s will stand out.
Screenshot_2015-03-14-04-20-12First the Vampire + Flame Bat. You won’t need to use Devil as main cookie and kill him right away in the first hole on episode 1, the bonus for going through obstacles will be added directly with the Vampire, which also means you can use Pirate as relay. Points will get sweet for those skilled enough to make loops on episode 1 (not my case btw). Second, the Wizard + Mini Jackson 2 to lead the ranking on episode 4.


This post is getting huge as usual. To be brief, if the new ranking and medal system come out, it’ll be the best part of the update. Players will be ranked and receive a tittle like God, Legend, King and so on… You’ll be able to expand your treasure box without spending precious crystals and buy supreme tickets using medals too. If new treasures are released, nothing will change. The top notch ones continue being muffins, coffee/ green drink cans and energy drain treasures in general. Maybe you can enjoy the cocktail that rescues you twice while gives 10% less energy drain. Keep an eye in your ornament stones that may give more magic powder when extracted and other minor changes I won’t bother saying here. A very cool guy made some accounts about the savings you must make before the update. I just want to add at least an amount to upgrade the bottle of dreams (Moonlight’s treasure) and if you’re as lucky as I am to upgrade, that would be at least 1kk coins. People with access to the game files already found out the bubble-collecting event to get 100 crystals and four tickets. You know… Run on episodes and collect them. One letter always missing until you get that and all the prizes. This other newsletter also leaked informing the new level of jellies, bonus time and regular level to 80.

I hope that’s all. Did I forget something? Something is missing? What are your thoughts about the new season? I would really appreciate if you leave your comment in the comment section below.

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Hangeul, the Korean Alphabet that consists of 10 vowels and 14 consonants is easy to learn, unlike Japanese and Chinese that demands learning thousands of ideograms. If you put a little effort and learn the Korean writing system, you can read basically anything. What helps even more is that lots of words are adapted from English, or ‘Konglish’ words.

With some key-words, it is possible to understand a great deal of Cookie Run, but I know many people are not as much enthusiastic about the language and Culture or just don’t have the time. And even if you explained to me about the Taiwanese writing system, I would say ‘ผมรักคุณแทคยอน’ just looks like a bunch of curved risks.

So without further ado, here are the translations of exclusives treasures, cookies and pets.

W-wait wait a sec… A few notes:
1. I opted for translations as much close to the Line version as possible (e.g.: they say Spirit Jellies on Line when actually it’s Ghost Jellies);
2. The treasure status are from full maxed (+9) and evolved treasures. It looks cleaner and more functional this way in my opinion. If you need additional info, just check the treasure book;
3. Feel free to share the images with your friends/ groups and post in your site/ forum as long as credited please.



Obtained by treasure chests
– Cookie/ pet treasures
– Limited time event treasures
– April 2015 new treasures:

ringschuuDivine Guardian Ring of Fire
Just before the collision, destroy all obstacles twice.
8% slower Energy drain.


braceletschuuDivine Prosperous Bracelet of Earth
In giant mode, when landing on the ground, Coin Production Lv.1~10.


earringsschuuDivine Sprint Earrings of Wind
Pass through obstacles during blasts.
Blast of 1.3s after taking an Energy Potion.


pendantschuuDivine Recovery Pendant of Water
When hitting an obstacle, Energy is recovered twice.
13% Coin Bonus



Cherry Blossom

*Skill: Fly at regular intervals producing Cherry Leaf Jellies. In Bonus Time, Cherry Jelly Party items are produced.
*Unlock method: own 20 evolved S-rank treasures.
*Tea Cup Pet: makes Energy Potions which also gives Alphabet Jellies (similar to Yule Log Cake) every 31 seconds.
*Combination Bonus: 30% less Energy Drain when colliding with obstacles.

What better way to start the section than with the very last cookie released (April, 2015). And after you put your hands in Cherry Blossom, you won’t want to hear about any other cookie.

First of all, I heard some people calling her Sakura Cookie. I prefer not to and I’ll tell you why. Despite tons of Japanese girls lining up to watch Kpop concerts nowadays, Korea-Japan relationship is a very delicate issue to talk about. Cherry trees are seem as symbols of the Japanese occupation (1910-1945), a period in history remarkably by abuses, humiliation and the attempt of Japanese forces to suppress every trace of the Korean identity. Many cherry trees have been cut down to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Japan’s defeat. For more info, you can read this article. The issue was brought live again this year on March when German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Japan (see here) and due to the inflexibility of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe you can also check here. When questioned about the design, some people say she has a British-look like her skirt, umbrella and her Tea Cup pet, otherwise she would be wearing a kimono/ yukata (which totally makes sense) or they state that cherry trees are not originated from Japan, just another part of the Chrysanthemum family and the ones in Korea are originated from Jeju Island, the controversy about the species being the same or being different and which came first.

Even though I won’t be surprised when this cookie get to Line and her name be Sakura and her ability named “Hanami Lv.1-8” as it is already called in the Japanese translation.

Let’s talk about her skills, shall we? If Mystic Moonlight unbalanced the game when she was released – and when I say “unbalance” I mean to turn all the previous cookies in collectible items only – Cherry Blossom did that and much more. She raised the scores to a new level. She’s reigning in all episodes ranks (except pirate’s island, of course). Better than explaining her skills, you can watch her in action here in case you haven’t seen already. The only complain I have to make is the abrupt lift she makes before flying that makes you skip whatever is the next thing you would get (pay attention in 1:59 and notice how he skips the star party). It might be just a feeling, but I think the petal-party-bubbles on bonus time are slightly smaller than the star ones which makes them a little harder to catch. Another thing people usually like to point out is that if you use fast start boost on episode 3 you can get incredible 14~20kk points right in the first stage of the run. Amazing, isn’t it?

Lemon Cookie

*Skill: Produce an electric shield at regular intervals. While shield is active, attracts all jellies, gets extra points for collected jellies and energy is reduced a little bit slower. During blasts, while making a ‘lightning race’, destroy near obstacles making points that way.
*Unlock method: own 50 pets.
*Lemon Battery Pet: produce all-bear-jellies-blast-parties at regular intervals.
*Combination Bonus: extra points for yellow bear jellies.
*Lemon Cookie’s Lemon mp3 player: up to 20,000 extra points for destroying an obstacle during electric blasts.
*Lemon Cookie’s Lemon color LED: up to 10% base speed increase during blasts and 400 extra points for yellow bear jellies.

Released yesterday (April 29th), Lemon Cookie is ready to lighten up our days now on. The question: can he make a high score? YES. It’s too soon to say anything, but he showed himself good in episode 2 to say the least.

Lemon Cookie creates an electric shield around him similar to Fairy Cookie. When you get hit you loose the shield and it takes a few seconds to come back. When in a blast (while shield is on) he will turn to something that resembles Pistachio Cookie’s spear skill and he will destroy the obstacles ahead without even touching them. His magnetic field is another must. It’s not very strong without a feather or other cans, but it can work alone and save you one treasure slot to fill as you like. The bad thing is, if you choose to go with no magnetic aura treasures, the relay cookie WON’T get the magnetic field from Lemon Cookie (like it would happen with Fairy Cookie). Another interesting feature is that in episode 4 the moon jellies are also attracted! Unlike Mystic Moonlight that only attracts them in her sleep, Lemon Cookie do it all the time! It can be a potential score-maker with additional points treasures like the Crepe with plenty of night sky topping.

*short note about the Photo Challenge: The pictures of the cookies are just shadows on the photos. To make them visible, you need to make the challenge asked, for example, bright cookie in the first pic is score 1M points. Reveal all the cookies on the photo to win the reward. *erasing the note when the event is gone*

Let me guess, you are a Line Cookie Run player. All of a sudden you have started experiencing slow response during runs causing “freezing” or “hiccups” or lost of connection messages, A. K. A. lag and you’re considering playing Cookie Run for KakaoTalk, am I right?

In my journey to run away from mankind I’ve took a deep dip into apps like Minute Quest (ひまつぶクエスト), Welcome to the Dungeon (던전에 어서와), TSTO and some others. So I thought: why not make a complete guide and help other people in face of the lack – or almost the absence of any information about the original Korean version?

This is a series of three articles. The first is a little introduction that will bring the app to your device (hopefully) and sum up some points in the game. The second and most important that some of you might be carving for is the translation of the exclusive cookies, pets and treasures along with personal comments. And the third part is about some general tips and tricks I’ve learned and just want to share from my experience. Ready?


Before installing…

… you should consider this points:
– I highly recommend playing the Kakao version because it’s fluid, runs smoothly, it’s like playing a game in very high fps, almost like eating chocolate. You may face some lag, but nothing like in Line;
– As any other original game producer company, talking about the source, they’re way ahead of the Line version with exclusive content (see part II);
– They have more events. When I first logged in, there were twelve or thirteen system messages talking about events occurring at the time, one of them was 3x bonus experience event because of the 설날 (Lunar’s Calender New Year Celebration). It was like playing in a private server modified with exp rate up and stuff. I got level 30 in one day and 40 in the next.

– You’ll have to start over. From zero. Try playing without magnetic effect;
– The app is totally in Korean;
– I think Cookie Run is big in countries like Indonesia and Thailand, not in Korea. Therefore it’s not easy to find players like it is at Line. I’ll make sure you add enough players to unlock all the cookies, but they’re mostly inactive players. Hopefully this series will bring more players to the community. Please make sure to share your ID in the comments if you decide to play KCR.


How to get Cookie Run for Kakao

(fig 1.0)

(fig 1.0)

I’m as newbie as you might be in this field and everything I know is from hearing my friends talks on my fav CR group at Line. If you use iOS, check this video. If you use Android, since the app is region protected (you won’t find it on the Playstore), go to apk.qoo-app.com and install QooApp (fig 1.0). You might need to change the settings of your device to allow installation of unknown sources to your phone. Then search for “쿠키런” and install the app. There you go.

(fig 1.1)

(fig 1.1)

Cookie Run for Kakao will update their data. As for today (feb/2015) the app is 211MB. After that you’ll be presented a screen to accept the terms and conditions, just click in both squares to continue (fig 1.1). Oh! I just forgot to mention you’ll need a KakaoTalk account if you already don’t have one. It works just like Line. They’re pretty similar. Sign in to your account and if everything went fine you’re done (fig 1.2) 😀
(fig 1.2) 와우!로딩 성공!

(fig 1.2) 와우!로딩 성공!


First steps


(fig 1.3) Click on "이벤트 쿠폰" Coupon Event.

(fig 1.3) Click on “이벤트 쿠폰” Coupon Event.

First thing you’ll want to do is get your hands on a few free crystals from those lovely coupon codes. Go to settings, slide down and click on the button (fig 1.3). Insert “thec-ityo-fwiz-ards” for 100 crystals and “amaz-ingk-iwic-ook2” for 10 crystals. The rest of coupons you might know are unfortunately expired.

Now on this familiar land you’ll notice some differences from its green neighbor. I’ll make a list of them:
– The boosts are used automatically. You can choose not to use fast start just by not clicking on the icon at the beginning of the run. The same for relay at the end. But energy, power jellies and double XP boosts will be used in your next run if you have them;
– Episode 3 is a lil different (you won’t even notice the small details perhaps) but you will definitely notice episode 2 has changed a bit, nothing to over react, but you’ll have to get used to;

Small changes on Episode 3. Two steps-platform on LCR and three steps-platform on KCR.

Small changes on Episode 3. Two steps-platform on LCR and three steps-platform on KCR.

Screenshot_2015-03-13-06-37-15– Bear jellies look different? Actually the color you know will come back when you upgrade jellies to a certain level. Upgrade Powers go to lv. 60 for energy and lv. 70 for jellies and bonus time btw;
– Magic Stone Ornament is worth 150 magic powder when extracted and has a slightly different color;
– You can buy random boosts using hearts and you also can send crystals to your friends if you want;
– When in Pirate’s island (special episode), at the end you might face a card game. Don’t worry, it’s just a security addition to make sure you’re human;
– Since KCR has four episodes, episode 3 is excluded from the weekly ranking;
– Ninetales and the “Monk” cookies are time limited as well as Foxy Bead and some other pets. I’d say they are seasonal because they come back at certain times.
– Of course, new cookies, pets, treasures and evos and episode 4. You can check all this stuff on part II.


You will need to add 40 friends (that doesn’t play CR) to win those prizes (Zombie cookie, Gold Drop pet, 10 slots for treasures and 50 crystals):
For unlocking cookies that require friends that play CR and for exchanging hearts/ weekly rewards, you can add people from this ID list.


Special thanks to my dear KCR Team: Ahmad, Aloy, JB, Lak, Marvin, Richárd and Uzu.

Sobre kanji e outras coisas

Faz quase um ano e quatro meses que eu não atualizo o blog. Que eu não escrevo nenhum texto. De lá para cá aconteceram muitas coisas. Arrumei um novo emprego, ou melhor dizendo, cargo. Saí deste mesmo cargo. Viajei um pouco. Houve alguns eventos legais que eu poderia falar sobre (e até tive vontade): 37ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo, shows e eventos de kpop, 8º Festival da Cultura Coreana, 17º Festival do Japão, Tanabata Matsuri, a Copa, Anime Friends, Korea Expo… Morei no Tatuapé e na Liberdade. Estudei em outros lugares. Conheci novas pessoas. Reencontrei outras.

Mas sobre nada disso escrevi. Porque sempre fico pensando: “O que eu poderia escrever que valesse realmente o tempo de quem lê? Como poderia ser mesmo útil? O que alguém como eu, tão ignorante, poderia transmitir? Como poderia colocar um sorriso no rosto do meu leitor ou trazer um pouco de paz para quem lê?”

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